TSP News

TSP Promises and Pitfalls?
The guarantee that comes with the G Fund may sound great, but it comes with a hidden retirement risk that many federal employees tend to overlook.
More Details Revealed About Changes Coming to the TSP
A proposed rule published in the Federal Register outlines changes coming to the TSP under the TSP Modernization Act.
Readers Don’t Want TSP Accounts Subjected to Climate Change Debate
A majority of FedSmith readers said in a recent survey they want the climate change debate left out of their TSP accounts.
The Automatic Enrollment Percentage in the TSP is Increasing
The automatic enrollment percentage in the TSP is going to be increasing in 2020.
What is Changing with the TSP’s New Withdrawal Options?
The TSP has provided additional information about how withdrawals will work under the TSP Modernization Act.

Financial News

Crypto bulls hail Facebook's reported move into digital assets as a key moment in tech history
Facebook's reported move into cryptocurrency could amount to the biggest catalyst for digital assets in their decade-long history, some crypto investors say.
Executive director of Puerto Rico's Oversight Board defends proposed restructuring deal
The executive director of Puerto Rico's Oversight Board is standing by the restructuring agreement with a portion of bondholders to address $35 billion of Puerto Rico's debt.
Goldman Sachs is sounding the alarm: Technology stocks are overvalued
It's about time to write off high-growth tech stocks, Goldman warns, saying software carries the highest multiples since the tech bubble.
Disney gets a rare downgrade with analyst noting a 'record' valuation
In a rare downgrade for the stock, Imperial Capital lowers its rating for Disney to in line from outperform but maintains its target price of $147.

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