TSP News

What Is the Thrift Savings Plan and How Does It Work?
Federal employees and retirees have access to an “amazing retirement option” with the TSP. https://www.thestreet.com/retirement/what-is-a-thrift-savings-plan-15054671
Two TSP Funds Up More than 20% in 2019
2019 has been a good year for the TSP funds. One of the better performers may surprise you.
What is Significant About Age 59.5 as a Federal Employee?
What does reaching age 59.5 mean in terms of your retirement benefits as a federal employee?
TSP G Fund: ‘Safe’ Is Not ‘Without Risk’
The G Fund is considered the safest of the TSP funds, but being "safe" does not mean there are no risks of losing money.
TSP Changing its Methodology for Making Catch-Up Contributions
The TSP has announced an upcoming change to its methodology for handling catch-up contributions.

Financial News

Week ahead: Stocks could be rocky on trade, economy fears, as August breaks low volatility streak
The final week of August could be highly volatile as markets fret over the economy and the latest developments in trade wars.
Fed Vice Chair Clarida says the global economic outlook has worsened since July meeting
Federal Reserve Vice Chair Richard Clarida said Friday that the global economy has deteriorated in the past month.
Trump's trade threats increased the chances for a recession, but also a Fed rate cut
The latest escalation in the trade war ups the odds the economy will fall into recession and that the Fed will aggressively cut rates.
Here's a list of American products targeted by China's new tariffs
Here are the products that stand to be the most affected by China's new tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods.
IMF chief economist says it's getting harder to find bright spots in the global economy
"As the year is progressing, it's getting harder to find those bright spots," Gita Gopinath tells CNBC.

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