TSP News

Senate Bill Would Eliminate Congressional Pensions
Legislation introduced this week would end pensions for Members of Congress if it were to become law.
Do IRAs Actually Have Lower Fees Than the TSP?
The author provides an "apples to apples" comparison of fees between the TSP and an IRA to see how they stack up.
Rule Change Will Facilitate Borrowing from TSP During Shutdowns
A rule change will allow certain TSP participants to request loans during government shutdowns regardless of whether they are being paid.
How Many Millionaires Are in the Thrift Savings Plan?
The bull market in stocks has increased the number of millionaires in the TSP, but the number did decline in 2018.
Market Volatility and Sequence of Returns Risk
Are you familiar with Sequence of Returns Risk? It can have a significant impact on your financial plan as you near retirement.

Financial News

A big change in accounting will put $3 trillion in liabilities on corporate balance sheets
2019 marks the first time companies have to put operating leases onto their balance sheets.
These tools can prepare investors for threats lurking in the market
A growing number of tools prepare you for the threats lurking around the market, from a trade war to climate change, by letting you test them out on your investments before they ever happen.
Mattel has worst day in nearly 20 years after undercutting analysts' 2019 estimates
Mattel had its worst day in nearly 20 years after undercutting analysts' 2019 estimates on Friday during an analyst meeting in New York.
Small banks you've never heard of quietly power the tech takeover of the financial industry
A small group of banks are handling the "financial" side of billion-dollar fintech start-ups.

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