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Honey, Don’t Hit Your TSP
The coronavirus stimulus bill may allow federal employees to take money out of their TSP accounts, but the author has a warning for anyone considering this.
What’s in the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Federal Employees?
Congress has passed a massive bill to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here are some of the details that will impact many readers.
Is Now the Time to Move to the G Fund?
As stocks drop fast, federal employees may be wondering if they should dump the TSP stock funds. One financial advisor offers his perspective.
Changes in TSP’s L Funds
Changes to the TSP Lifecycle Funds are underway. Here is a summary of some of the most notable changes.
The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your TSP
Looking at how markets have performed during past pandemics can give federal employees an idea of how the TSP will fare long-term from the coronavirus.

Financial News

4 ways the coronavirus law pays small businesses to keep workers
The $2 trillion coronavirus relief package gives financial incentives, such as forgivable loans and tax credits, to businesses that retain their workers.
Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Dollar Tree, RH, Amarin, Conagra, Noble Energy & more
These are the stocks posting the largest moves in midday trading.
US gasoline prices are below $2 per gallon on average for first time in four years
For the first time in four years, the national average for a gallon of gas is under $2 per gallon.
JPMorgan starts mandatory diversity training for managers after discrimination allegations
JPMorgan also said it was improving the ways it takes in employee complaints, bolstering hiring programs, and simplifying how customers find products and services.
Consumer confidence tumbles in March as coronavirus cases surge
A measure of U.S. consumer confidence fell sharply in March as people grapple with the global coronavirus outbreak.

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