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Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Tailored Brands, Oxford Industries and more
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
With Fed expected to slow rate hikes, markets raise stakes for Europe's next move
The Fed looks set to shift into a lower gear when it comes to rate hiking, and now markets want to make sure Europe's central bankers aren't going to drive too fast as they approach the off ramp for their own easy money program.
Canopy Growth CEO says Farm Bill passage is 'first step' toward US expansion
The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill would be the "first step" toward Canopy Growth activity in the United States, the company's chief executive told CNBC on Wednesday.
Morgan Stanley is serious about investing in outer space and just had its first conference about it
Morgan Stanley hosted its first "Space Summit" in New York City on Tuesday, as the firm is telling clients to pay attention to space companies.
China's currency moves will be the best measure of how well US-China trade talks are going
The way China's currency moves against the dollar could be the best measure of how well U.S.-Chinese trade talks are proceeding.
Ex-Fed vice chair to Trump: Hiking rates gradually from historic lows won't choke economic growth
Alan Blinder, who served at the Fed during Clinton's administration, criticizes President Trump's latest prodding against more interest rate hikes.
KBW downgrades bank sector on poor economic outlook, says other analysts will follow
The banking industry has been hammered lately amid worries about the U.S. economy as the yield curve has flattened and even inverted, signaling diminished expectations for growth.
Deutsche Bank shares surge on report Germany plans to fix bank's problems with merger
Shares of Deutsche Bank surged Wednesday after Bloomberg News reported the German government plans to push for a merger to save the struggling bank.
Trump makes one last try to get the Fed to ease up, but it likely won't work
Despite a string of events that has seemed to push the central bank into a more dovish posture, a December hike now seems inevitable.
Your first trade for Wednesday, December 12
The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.
Morgan Stanley downgrades eBay, cuts price target 40%: 'We were wrong'
A faster-than-expected deterioration of eBay's marketplace is likely to cap any future stock gains, according to Morgan Stanley, which downgraded the stock to equal weight. 
After the 'death cross,' the S&P 500 seems to be forming another scary chart pattern
The chart of the S&P 500, which flashed a scary death cross last week, now appears to be forming a new pattern that could be just as ominous.
This map shows where Americans are struggling to repay their car loans
A new map by the Urban Institute traces auto delinquency rates in counties across the U.S. 
Buckle up! PNC Financial sees another scary market ride in 2019
"Volatility is going to be here to stay," according to PNC Financial's Jeffrey Mills.
Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: VZ, MNK, AEO, MAR, NVDA & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.
Mortgage applications rise 1.6% as interest rates drop to lowest level since September
December may be a slow month traditionally for the housing market, but mortgage lenders are suddenly getting busier.
Yields hold steady after report indicating no inflation in November
U.S. government debt yields held steady on Wednesday after a government report showed no change to consumer prices across the month of November.
UK prime minister to face no-confidence vote as Brexit hangs in the balance
British Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of no-confidence from members of her own Conservative party on Wednesday.
Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: American Eagle, Dave & Buster's and more
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
Trade deal with China could be elusive until bitter end of negotiating period
A new round of high-level talks and some potential giveback on tariffs by China was a bright spot in the U.S.-China trade war, but strategists say the peace could be fleeting and the situation could get worse before it gets better.
College endowments badly trail the market, would be better off just buying Treasurys, study shows
Major endowments in the United States, including those managed by colleges and universities, "badly underperform" market benchmarks, according to a new study.
Sure, Verizon blew $4.6 billion on AOL and Yahoo, but at least it isn't AT&T
Verizon's deals for Yahoo and AOL haven't worked out well, but AT&T M&A failures might be worse.
A big market collapse and $20 oil make the list of Nomura's 'grey swan' predictions for 2019
While black swans are impossible to predict, Nomura analysts put nine "grey swans" for 2019 on their radar.
Yellen and the Fed are afraid of a corporate debt bubble, but investors still aren't
The corporate debt scaring policy experts like former Fed Chair Janet Yellen isn't throwing too much of a fright into market participants. 
Amazon, derided as a 'job killer,' actually boosts local employment and business, Morgan Stanley says
In cities with multiple Amazon fulfillment centers, job creation was "well above the national average." The e-commerce giant has been "both a net job creator and a catalyst for stronger job growth," Morgan Stanley found.
Start-up Spire Global lands deal with ESA's Galileo satellites for predictive weather data
Satellite analytics company Spire Global is the first in the world to partner with the European Space Agency to use the European Union's Galileo constellation to gather advanced weather data, the company told CNBC exclusively on Tuesday.
Ex-Fed's Richard Fisher: Rates need to go higher to create enough room to cut should economy tank
"They have yet to put enough nuts in the tree before winter comes," says former Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher.
Barbara Corcoran finds great deals on houses in hot markets—here's her secret
"I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I bought every single home I've ever bought" this way, she says.
There could be an unlikely place to hide out if a recession is coming: Housing
Some investors are fearing that the recent action in the stock and bond markets is signaling a recession may be nearing. If that's the case, there could be an unlikely market to hide out in this time: housing.
Your first trade for Tuesday, December 11
The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.

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