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Week ahead: Stocks could be rocky on trade, economy fears, as August breaks low volatility streak
The final week of August could be highly volatile as markets fret over the economy and the latest developments in trade wars.
Fed Vice Chair Clarida says the global economic outlook has worsened since July meeting
Federal Reserve Vice Chair Richard Clarida said Friday that the global economy has deteriorated in the past month.
Trump's trade threats increased the chances for a recession, but also a Fed rate cut
The latest escalation in the trade war ups the odds the economy will fall into recession and that the Fed will aggressively cut rates.
Here's a list of American products targeted by China's new tariffs
Here are the products that stand to be the most affected by China's new tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods.
IMF chief economist says it's getting harder to find bright spots in the global economy
"As the year is progressing, it's getting harder to find those bright spots," Gita Gopinath tells CNBC.
Shares of companies that manufacture in China plunge after Trump orders them to move
Multinationals that rely on the supply chain from China are tumbling after President Donald Trump ordered them to find alternatives to their Chinese operations.
Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Foot Locker, Apple, HP & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.
Powell says there's no 'rulebook' for trade war, pledges to 'act as appropriate' to sustain economy
Powell repeats his pledge to keep the economic expansion going while acknowledging that tariffs and other factors are causing growth to slow.
Here's why the bond market is really scared about Fed policy
One area that has been raising alarm bells is the market's growing expectation that inflation will go lower and lower, and stay there for a long time.
Facebook's Libra reportedly losing support from early investors amid regulatory scrutiny
At least three members of Facebook's Libra organization are considering leaving the operation due to intense regulatory scrutiny.
Your first trade for Friday, August 23
The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.
Loretta Mester says if economy stays like this, Fed should keep rates 'where they are'
Mester tells CNBC that if the U.S. economy continues to grow at its current pace, she's unlikely to support more interest rate cuts.
Bullard says Fed should 'take out the insurance' with a rate cut and can always take it back
St. Louis Fed President James Bullard likes the idea of an insurance cut from the Federal Reserve.
James Bullard says Fed should cut rates because inverted yield curve is 'not a good place to be'
The Fed's James Bullard says more monetary easing is necessary because of the recession signal being flashed by the bond market.
Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Gap, Salesforce, Intuit
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
Dallas Fed's Kaplan says he'd like to avoid cutting rates again in September, but has 'open mind'
Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan would like to avoid additional stimulus but is keeping an "open mind."
The economist who first linked the yield curve to recessions sees 'pretty high' chance of downturn
Arturo Estrella has a message for recession naysayers: It could hit sooner than you think.
Fed's Powell will find it hard not to rock markets with his comments Friday
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell faces the tough challenge of presenting a unified voice on Fed policy from the most divided Fed in years.
Analyst who turned heads by predicting a 'Lehman-like' plunge says we're not out of the woods yet
The market rebound this week hasn't convinced the strategist predicting a "Lehman-like" sell-off that the risk is completely off the table.
Fed's Harker doesn't see need for another rate cut, says central bank should stay here 'for a while'
Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said he doesn't see the case for additional stimulus after the Federal Reserve's July rate cut.
GameStop surges after Barron's says 'Big Short' star Michael Burry is long the troubled game seller
Michael Burry thinks GameStop still has upside, as Sony's and Microsoft's upcoming consoles will likely have physical optic drives.
US may already be in a recession, long-time bear David Tice warns
Former Prudent Bear Fund manager David Tice is urging investors to brace for a massive downturn.
Kraft is taking the CFTC to court keep the lid on a $16 million fine in market manipulation case
Kraft has filed a contempt motion against the CFTC over a press release announcing the $16 million fine to settle claims of manipulating wheat prices.
Your first trade for Thursday, August 22
The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.
Esther George says the Fed's 'large balance sheet' may have helped cause the yield curve inversion
Kansas City Fed President Esther George said the Federal Reserve may be partly responsible for the yield curve inversion.
The Fed didn't need to cut rates in July, Kansas City Fed president says
"My sense was we've added accommodation, and it wasn't required in my view," George tells CNBC's Steve Liesman.
Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Nordstrom, L Brands and more
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
Bond market yield curve inverts, signaling Fed may be too slow to cut rates, risks recession
After the Fed released minutes of its last meeting, the bond market signaled it fears the Fed will not be aggressive enough with its rate cutting.

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