TSP News

TSP Announces Rule Change on Installment Payments
The TSP is lifting a restriction on starting and restarting installment payments based on life expectancy.
Will I Run Out of Money in Retirement?
Having enough saved for retirement is a concern of many federal employees. One pitfall to watch for is the time between retiring and starting Social Security.
TSP Update: Coronavirus Loans and F Fund Ahead in 2020
Here are the results of the CARES Act project for the TSP and where participants moved their investments in June.
Investing is Like Riding a Rollercoaster, and it Shouldn’t Be Any Other Way
The ups and downs of the stock market can make for some emotional times, but those who enjoy the long-term ride are rewarded.
5 Tips To Help You Acquire Your First Million Dollars
What does it take to become a millionaire? These are some of the techniques that people who have reached this milestone use.
FedSmith Readers Plan to Take Advantage of the New L Funds
A majority of respondents in our latest survey said that they plan to utilize the new L Funds in the TSP.
Greed, Fear, and Your TSP Account
Stock market volatility can cause people to go to extremes in their investing. The author discusses what this means for federal employees and their TSP accounts.
Why a Roth IRA May Be Right For You
Federal employees can have a Roth IRA in addition to the TSP. Here are the basics of how this retirement savings option works.
The Worst Way to Save $80,000
Is "market timing" with your TSP a good strategy? Even if you have occasional success, the author points out that there are still big downsides.
Leaving Federal Employment Before You Are Eligible to Retire
What happens to your federal benefits if you leave before you are eligible to retire?

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