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TSP Promises and Pitfalls?
The guarantee that comes with the G Fund may sound great, but it comes with a hidden retirement risk that many federal employees tend to overlook.
More Details Revealed About Changes Coming to the TSP
A proposed rule published in the Federal Register outlines changes coming to the TSP under the TSP Modernization Act.
Readers Don’t Want TSP Accounts Subjected to Climate Change Debate
A majority of FedSmith readers said in a recent survey they want the climate change debate left out of their TSP accounts.
The Automatic Enrollment Percentage in the TSP is Increasing
The automatic enrollment percentage in the TSP is going to be increasing in 2020.
What is Changing with the TSP’s New Withdrawal Options?
The TSP has provided additional information about how withdrawals will work under the TSP Modernization Act.
Stocks Lose Ground in May: Bond Fund Ahead for 12-Month Period
A bond fund has the best return over the past 12 months among all TSP funds as stocks retreated in May.
TSP: Latest Facts and Figures
How large is the TSP now, and how do TSP investors allocate their investments?
FRTIB Seeking TSP Fund Managers
A request for proposal has been issued seeking managers for four of the funds within the TSP.
Bill Would Prohibit TSP Investments in China and Russia
One Congressman wants to ensure the TSP offers no economic support for Russia and China.
Retirement is Coming – Here is How to Compound Your Wealth Fast
The federal employee featured in this article credits discovering the power of compound interest, contributing regularly to his Thrift Savings Plan account, and living on less than he earns as keys to building his retirement nest egg. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/21/the-magic-strategy-that-can-save-retirement-for-40-somethings.html

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