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TSP Announces End of Year Processing Schedule
The Thrift Savings Plan has announced its year-end processing schedule with details on how transactions will be handled as 2018 draws to a close.
Temporarily Relaxing TSP Hardship Withdrawal Rules
The TSP is relaxing hardship withdrawal rules for victims of Hurricane Michael or Hurricane Florence. Here are the details.
In Volatile Month, Which TSP Funds Had Largest Gains?
November was a volatile month for stocks. Which TSP funds had the largest gains?
Three Financial Benefits Available to Federal Employees
Federal employees have unique benefits to help them save for retirement. The author discusses these as well as some other long-term wealth building advice.
Man Steals $195k From His Brother’s TSP Account
A former mayor of Middletown, CT has pleaded guilty to an embezzlement scheme which included stealing $195,000 from his brother’s Thrift Savings Plan account that he obtained via  hardship withdrawal by impersonating his brother. https://patch.com/connecticut/middletown-ct/ex-middletown-mayor-pleads-guilty-embezzlement-scheme
Pros and Cons of the (Antiquated) TSP Annuity
The TSP offers an annuity to guarantee income for life, but the author says it is an antiquated when compared with more flexible ones available elsewhere.
How Will the New TSP Rules Affect You?
Changes are coming to the TSP rules next year that have important implications for federal employees saving for retirement.
Timing the Market Can Lower Your TSP Balance
TSP investors transferred millions from the G fund into stock funds in September, just in time to lose money in October as the market went down.
2019 Contribution Limits Announced for the TSP
The IRS has announced the 2019 contribution limits for the TSP and IRAs. How much extra will you be able to save?
Which TSP Funds Had the Largest Losses in October?
Stock funds went down in October. See which funds were the biggest losers for the month.

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