TSP News

Your 6 Most Important FERS Benefits Explained
What are the key benefits for federal employees under FERS? Here is a summary.
How Does the TSP Compare to Private Sector Retirement Plans?
The TSP has some features that make it stand out against the average private sector 401(k) plan.
Paying Double Taxes on TSP Loans
There are a number of downsides to taking a loan from your TSP account, not the least of which is the potential doubling your tax burden.
Number of Federal Employee Millionaires Up Dramatically
The number of TSP millionaires has come back strong after the dramatic drop in March. There are now more TSP millionaires than ever!
Are You the Tortoise or the Hare?
When you start investing can make a huge difference in the amount of wealth you build over the course of your career.
C Fund is Up…and Down
September was not such a great month for stocks despite an overall excellent third quarter. How did the TSP funds fare?
Volatility, Elections and the TSP
Elections in November and underlying social unrest that is already upon us may lead to significant volatility in the TSP's stock funds. How will you react?
TSP Provides Details on Change to Automatic 5% Enrollment
The TSP has shared some additional information about the upcoming change to the automatic enrollment percentage.
Automatic Enrollment Percentage in the TSP Increasing to 5%
A rule change coming this fall will increase the automatic enrollment percentage in the TSP from 3% to 5%.
More Services, Higher Budgets Projected at Federal TSP Program
The TSP's budget is expected to go up considerably in the coming fiscal year. Here is some of what is planned and how participants could be impacted.

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