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FRTIB Moving Forward with I Fund Change
Despite political pressure to do otherwise, the FRTIB is moving forward with a change to the I Fund that will add more investments in Chinese companies.
Does Political Drama in Washington Impact Your Federal Retirement?
Political drama can cause shifts in the stock market. Should this cause federal employees to worry about their retirement savings?
Inflation and its Impact on your Federal Retirement
Federal retirees receive COLAs on their annuities to help offset inflation, but are there any similar options with your TSP account?
Why the F Fund is the Rodney Dangerfield of the TSP
The F Fund is an often forgotten investment option in the TSP. The author describes how it might fit into your portfolio.
Another Bill Introduced to Try to Stop TSP Investments in China
Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is stepping up his efforts to try to stop changes to the TSP's I Fund.
Despite Recent Controversy, Consulting Firm Recommends TSP Stay the Course on I Fund Change
Despite some controversy, a consulting firm is reaffirming its recommendation that the TSP switch the benchmark index for the I Fund.
2020 TSP Contribution Limits Announced
The IRS has announced the 2020 contribution limits for the TSP and IRAs.
TSP Says Two Factor Authentication Becoming Mandatory Next Month
The TSP is making two factor authentication mandatory for plan participation to access their accounts starting in December.
Which TSP Fund Went Up 23% So Far in 2019?
TSP investors will be pleased with their investment returns in October. One of the more popular funds is up more than 23% so far in 2019.
Don’t Wait Until Age 70 to Access Your TSP
Should you wait to take withdrawals from your TSP account? The author looks at why you may not want to.

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